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The ACM6000 Clamp-On Multimeter is ideal for testing blower motors, lights, fuel pump current draw, starter motor current draw and most other vehicle electric motors (antennae, door-locks, mirrors, etc.). Its a new way to test charging systems.

The ACM6000 is the perfect tool for those who want to speed up their diagnostic test procedures. With its easy to use current clamp jaw and standard DMM measurements, this tester gets the job done.

The ACM6000 comes in an attractive protective pouch and also includes an extremely helpful manual, a temperature probe and a set of DMM test leads. It is compatible with most existing meter leads and is simple to understand so you can get started testing as soon as you receive it. One year limited warranty.

• Quickly measure current loads without disconnecting wires
• Alternator output testing
• Starter draw testing
• Blower-motor current testing
• Fuel pump current draw
• Lamps, lights & electric motors can all be tested
• Additional Tests:
   - Open/short wiring
   - Resistance measuring
   - AC/DC voltage tests
   - Temperature testing

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