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The ADL7103 can quickly diagnose automotive faults from making voltage checks, reading codes, resetting malfunction indicator lamps to viewing signal waveforms.

The ADL7103's combination of features also includes a library of known good patterns with preset test parameters for common automotive signals. Each test can be fine tuned to view any portion of the signal for further analysis.

You won't find many dual channel scopes that offer these powerful features and none provide the combination of useful tools, creating a new level of value not found in the market today. One year limited warranty.


Digital Storage Oscilloscope
• Sample rate 25 Meg per second
• 51 Pre-set waveforms that include sensor, actuator, electrical
  and ignition patterns
• DC to 5 MHz Bandwidth
• Sweep rate 1ųS to 50 seconds in the scope mode
• "Glitch Snare" mode captures, displays and optionally saves
  abnormal signal patterns in Scope or Component Test modes
• Secondary Ignition displays the waveform and includes spark
  voltage, RPM, burn time and burn voltage
• Parade pattern on secondary ignition "Parade" mode
• Built in "Help" includes test procedure showing how to connect
  to the circuit, a sample of the expected waveform, theory of
  operation and troubleshooting tips.
• Optional Diesel accessory to test injector pump timing and RPM

Graphing Multimeter
• TRMS Graphing Multimeter
• 5 seconds to 24 hour sweep rate
• AC/DC Volts
• Ohms, Continuity, Diodes
• Frequency, Duty Cycle, Dwell
• Ignition Peak and Burn Volts, Ignition Burn Time
• Amps (with optional adapter)
• Temperature (with optional adapter)

OBDII Code Reader
• Active and Pending Codes
• Generic and Manufacture Specific Definitions (GM, Ford,
  Chrysler, Toyota and Honda)
• I/M Readiness Monitor Status Indicaiton
• Erase DTC's (diagnostic trouble codes) and reset MIL capability
•USB interface easily supports future updates
  (software sold separately)

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