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The DTH31 Digital Psychrometer is an advanced handheld humidity and temperature meter. Its triple display shows three parameter readings simultaneously. It has everything you need to charge an air-conditioning system and determine heating, cooling, and ventilation needs. It gives you incredibly fast and accurate wet bulb, dry bulb, and dew point measurements. One year limited warranty.

• Ambient temperature (T1)
• External temperature w/probe (T2)
• RH humidity
• Dew point
• Wet bulb
• T1 - T2
• T2 - Dew point (check difference of dew point to surface)
• Display resolution 0.1 °C / °F
• Protective sensor cap
• Sensor: Electronic capacitance polymer film
• Condensation will not affect accuracy
• Hold
• °C or °F switchable
• Low battery indicator
• Self-calibration
• Pocket size design
• Reset
• Auto off with selectable delay
• Auto off by-pass

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