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The DTH51 gives you quick access to the information you need when installing or maintaining heating and cooling systems. Manufacturers of some of the newer "high-efficiency" cooling systems require you to charge them based on wet bulb and dry bulb specifications. The DTH51 offers you the fastest method to date of taking these measurements. If combines the speed and convenience of an infrared thermometer with the accuracy and reliability of a digital psychrometer and ambient temperature meter in one product.

The DTH51 is battery operated and measures Humidity, Dew Point, Wet Bulb, Air Temperature (Dry Bulb), Surface Temperature and the difference between the Dew Points of an IR measured surface and the ambient air. Its sensors are retractable to protect them when they are not in use. One year limited warranty.

• Triple LCD digital display
• Infrared temperature measurement with adjustable emissivity
  (spot ratio 8 : 1)
• Built-in ambient-air temperature sensor
• Fast responding humidity sensor
• Wet Bulb - continuously updated
• Dew Point - continuously updated
• Differential dew-point function
  (surface temperature to dew-point differential)
• Backlit display
• Low battery indication
• Accurate and reliable microprocessor circuitry
• Auto power off with adjustable power-off timer
• Environmentally protected (retractable) sensor-set

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