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The PET1 Non Contact Pocket Electrical Tester detects both high and low AC voltage, verifies continuity, and has a bright LED work light that comes on when any of its features are in use. This gives you three pocket tools in one instrument.

The PET1 features variable sensitivity that lets you check for AC voltages from 12-volts all the way up to 600-volts. You no longer need to purchase two different instruments. Its continuity feature allows you to quickly check non-energized circuits using the sensor tip and one finger. This allows you to determine if controls and contactors are connected, check light-bulb filaments, verify fuses, check for ground faults or identify which wires go where in a mess of wiring.

Detection is positive and trouble-free. you can hear the PET1's loud and clear detection tone and see its supper bright LED indicators even if you're in a noisy, poorly lit industrial environment. Three year limited warranty.

• Worklight
• Non-contact AC voltage test from: from 12 - 600 V AC
  (with adjustable sensitivity)
• Detects high and low AC Voltage
• Continuity check: 0 - 80 MΩ

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